VP Spec Proj/Historian: David Meffert (Kansas '72)


David Meffert, Creative/Art Director          

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri to a working class family where Mr. Meffert’s father worked as a milkman and his mother at the famous Anheuser Busch Brewery.  He attended the University of Kansas where he played basketball and pledged Sigma Chi fraternity in 1969.

He is very involved within the business community of San Pedro with the revitalization of the Downtown Art District.  He worked with local restaurant owners and the other artists in developing the “First Thursday Art Walk”. He is also involved with LA Cultural Art and local groups to help maintain and restore the Warner Grand Theater in old downtown San Pedro.

David now resides in the Hollywood Hills with his wife Pia Groninng, a very talented actress/model and interior designer.


Career Highlights

David started his Advertising career in 1976 and worked at several large and medium sized Ad Agencies in the Los Angeles area, creating award winning campaigns for Toyota, Nissan and Honda in the automotive arena. He also created campaigns for California developers such as Kauffman & Broad, Warmington Homes, Irvine Corporation and Lusk Homes. In the travel industry, he worked with Jet America, Kapalua Resort and Seven Crown Resorts.

In 2001 David became the Creative Director for the ChampCar Grand Prix and later moved on to Mexico City where he ran two Champ Car events, The Grand Prix of Mexico and the Monterrey Grand Prix. David continues to work in the creative arena designing logos for companies. A few of his most memorable works are the Dos Equis beer label, Six Flags park logos and the Sigma Chi brand you see on the background of this website. In total David has designed over 500 logos for companies, sporting events and packaging.