Sigma Chi Philanthropic


On April 12, 2013, Sigma Chi members presented the one-millionth dollar raised for cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute to Significant Sig and Order of Constantine Sig Jon M. Huntsman, Sr.,PENNNSYLVANIA 1959. In December 2012, Sigma Chizdesignated the Huntsman Cancer Foundation as its sole preferred philanthropic partner.

Founded by Brother Huntsman, the Huntsman Cancer Institute is dedicated to finding the causes of cancer, developing new and better treatments, and preventing people from ever developing cancer. Huntsman founded HCI to focus on understanding cancer from its very beginnings and to translate this knowledge into safer and more effective treaments. HCI was chosen as Sigma Chi's preferred philanthropy because many Sigs and their families have been directly affected by cancer, the second-leading cause of death in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, men have an approximate lifetime risk of 1:2 for developing the disease; for women, the risk is 1:3.


For more information please visit the HCI website, or contact Lori Kun at (801) 584-5808. The Huntsman Cancer Foundation's mailing address is 500 Huntsman Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108.


The Derby Challenge

The Jon M. Huntsman family has donated more than $400 million since the commencement of HCI in 1995. He now challenges his brothers to aid in his efforts through the Derby Challenge, an online competition between the chapters of Sigma Chi. Chapter winners are announced each year at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. The Challenge runs annually from August 1 to July 31.


Past Winners


  1. University of Utah - Beta Eta Chapter: $22,799.09
  2. University of Chicago - Omicron Omicron Chapter: $16,836.38
  3. Boston University - Iota Upsilon Chapter: $14,790.85
  4. University of Houston - Epsilon Xi Chapter: $14,705.00
  5. Loyola University Chicago - Lambda Nu Chapter: $9,353.00

2012 (inagural year: web site donations only)

  1. Boston University - Iota Upsilon Chapter: $16,244.21
  2. University of Connecticut - Gamma Omega Chapter: $11,256.50
  3. Washington & Lee University - Zeta Chapter: $2,229.00


All donations must have an accompanying note indicating the chapter name affiliated with the donation to be credited to the Derby Challenge. Donation's made through the website automatically add to the chapter's page. For help with this web site, please contact Jen Murano-Tucker at (801) 584-5815. Please see the resources page for videos, fundraising templates and a how-to guide.



Brick pavers are placed in the Walk of Hope between the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the Huntsman Cancer Hospital for chapters raising $1,000 or more. Sigs tour this area every year when they visit while participating in HORIZONS. All chapter donations more than $1,000 trigger the creation of a brick for the chapter, which is created automatically. If you want to make a donation for other bricks in the Sigma Chi section, please contactJulie Anderson at (801) 584-5881.

For more information please visit the HCI website, or contact Lori Kun at (801) 584-5808. The institute's mailing address is 2000 Circle of Hope, Salt Lake City, UT 84112.

As of July 2013, Sigma Chi alumni and undergraduate chapters have raised more than $1,250,000 benefiting research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.


Merlin Olsen Day of Service

The Merlin Olsen Day of Service, held annually on Sept. 15, honors the philanthropic spirit of Order of Constantine Sig, Significant Sig and Pro Football Hall of Fame member Merlin Olsen, UTAH STATE 1962. The Fraternity encourages its members to honor Olsen, a longtime spokesman for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, by volunteering on this day to improve their communities. Suggested activities include donating blood, volunteering at local schools and cleaning up local public parks.