Sigs In Entertainment (SIE)

Industry GEM Leaders: Dylan Conroy (UC Santa Barbara '04), Nathan Pettijohn (Tulsa '11)





Sigma Chi's in Entertainment was founded in 2007 by Dylan Conroy after he read Significant Sig Keith Ferrazzi's book "Never Eat Alone." Dylan wanted to create a network of Sigma Chis in the entertainment business that could support one another in their careers, which we all know is all about who you know. After three years, the group had grown to 600 members with notable sigs such as Neal Tiles, President of the G4 network, Sam Haskell, former VP of the William Morris Agency, the late iconic television producer Stephen J Cannell to name a few.

Our mission is to network in a spirit of brotherly friendship and help one another get jobs and put together projects in this creative industry.

We also serve as a landing pad for new alumni who have dreams of making it big in hollywood to help those brothers find housing, first jobs and a new network of friends in what can be a lonely superficial city.


Visit us on Facebook to under the group name: Sigma Chi's in Entertainment.