Downtown L.A. Sigs

GEM Leaders: TBA



Downtown Sigs is currently dormant and looking for two GEM Leaders. This area is right in the heart of the City and the County. We have a number of brothers who work in this area and a few who live nearby. Close by is the undergraduate chapter Alpha Upsilon at the University of Southern California (USC).


For years, this area was the mainstay of the Los Angleles Alumni Chapter and later the L.A. Central Alumni Chapter. Brothers met every Friday and later, every second Friday of the month at the Dowtown Athletic Club.


The venue changed a couple times and most recently was held at Trader Vic's at L.A. Live, near Staples Center. We'd like to resurrect this group and return there again. Please contact President Jim Lawson if you can assist: (562) 841-2375.


Thank you, L.A. Sig